What I can do for you:

Web sites : First impressions mean everything.  Allow me to help you send the right message to your visitors by creating a website that clearly reflects your organization or business.  You have a lot to say and would like to blog about it, but don’t know how?  No problem, I can help!  Already have a website, but it no longer works for you?  Let me help you re-design it into something you can be proud of.

E-commerce :  Are you already selling goods or services that you would like to offer to a broader market, but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen?  There are many solutions to your problem!  Contact me and together we can discuss the ones that will best suit your needs.

Photo restoration:  Do you have irreplaceable photographs that are damaged?  No worries!  Take a look at my portfolio to see examples of photos that I have restored.

Graphic design:  Need a professional logo?  Need new or updated business cards?  Do you have a picture that needs to be modified (change background, remove a person or object, change the color of something, etc.)?  The possibilities are endless, all you need to do is ask!

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